Demand Response

Demand Response is a form of electricity demand management which allows consumers to reduce or shift their power usage in exchange for payments during times of peak demand or forced outages of power generation plants. Demand Response helps to stabilize the electricity grid during such abnormal events. Adopting Demand Response reduces the need for new peaking power plants to be constructed which complements the capability of existing conventional generation sources and contributes to a greener environment.

The existing Interruptible Load scheme in the National Electricity Market of Singapore enables consumers to be paid in return for having a portion of their electricity supply on standby for temporary interruption.  Diamond Energy is the largest Interruptible Load Aggregator in the National Electricity Market of Singapore and has been working with the industrial and manufacturing sectors to participate in the Interruptible Load scheme since 2006. Diamond Energy’s Demand Response solution is the most comprehensive application available in Singapore which allows members of Diamond Energy’s Demand Response Network to realize the most value from their participation in Interruptible Load.



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